You may have a broken auto insurance policy.

“You Too Might Have a Broken Insurance Policy”

“True stories about our clients Matt, Byron & Adel, who put their house at risk by not knowing the truth about their complete insurance protection.”

Williamsville, NY

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You hear the squawking ads on TV, in your car, online – “Save 15%” or “We have the lowest rates” or “Nobody beats A*******” – their sole job is to make a sale, not protect you & your family correctly. They are under pressure to sell, sell, sell; regardless of the coverage’s you may require (they get fired for NOT selling enough).

The Matt Davis Story

Here is a story of Matt Davis (last name changed to protect our client) of Amherst, who was a homeowner client of our agency. In being proactive with our single policy only clients, Matt got a letter from us, letting him know it would be good to have us look at his auto insurance too.

To our shock, Matt had the bare minimum insurance liability limits NY State requires – $25,000 per person, $50,000 per accident and $10,000 of property damage. Why were we shocked? Let’s say if Matt causes an accident with someone driving a 2009 Honda Accord and they then hit a 2008 Ford Fusion, causing $20,000 property damage to those 2 vehicles. What limits was he carrying before us? $10,000. Where would the other $10,000 of property damage come from?

       Matt would have to come up with the $10,000 he lacked in his insurance policy. And what if Matt didn’t have the $10,000 to pay? He would be taken to court by the injured parties and a judgment would be granted AGAINST Matt Davis.

Judgments in NY State & Real Property

Do you know what happens with judgments in NY State? They automatically attach to real property you own in this state – a lien. So Matt could never sell or refinance his home, without paying off that $10,000 lien first. Something no one was telling him but we did and he listened too.

Byron Brinton’s Story

In Byron Brinton’s (last name changed again to protect our client) of Williamsville, he too was with a “discount” insurance company, who sold him the lowest allowed limits in NY State- $25/$50/$10 is how us insurance people say it. Let’s say Byron only hit 1 car but caused serious injury to that person driving. So in our example, $10,000 of property damage (100% covered by insurance) but $85,000 of pain & suffering, plus hospitalization of the other driver.

Byron’s policy would pay the $50,000 policy limit but then he would be responsible for $35,000 of claims against him. Again, this judgment then becomes a lien on Byron’s house, which MUST be satisfied on any sale or refinance.

Do you too have a “broken” insurance policy?

   By not taking into account what you own, what is at your families risk or asking pertinent questions – you too may have bought a broken insurance policy. Too many people equate insurance with the lowest cost – don’t you get fooled by this assumption. Insurance is about transferring risk and what risk you are willing to take vs. giving it to an insurance company.

The sad story of Adel Smith

    Adel Smith (last name changed again to protect the damaged party) is not a client of our agency but a neighbor of a client of ours. Adel got sold car insurance on the fact she could save hundreds of dollars, since her 17 year old now was driving and had her own car. Adel made the switch, a single parent trying to cut corners and save a few dollars. Adel was a tenured teacher, with a great teacher’s pension, a paid up house and a few years away from retirement.

Adel’s 17 year old daughter, one spring day 3 years ago, clipped a motorcyclist with her car, causing him to slide off of it causing serious injury. Months and months of medical treatments & bills started piling up for the injured cycle driver.

Of course a lawsuit was pending and when all the court litigation was done, judgment for the plaintiff for $750,000! Adel’s new auto insurance policy paid $50,000 and walked away from any further responsibilities due to her policy limits being paid.

So $700,000 judgment needed to be paid – but how? Adel sold her $500,000 paid for home and borrowed $200,000 from her teacher pension plan. She also planned to continue to work & not retire, since she needed to rebuild her pension.

This is a sad but very true story, as told to me.

How can I avoid a “broken” insurance policy?

   When you deal with somebody who doesn’t need to make a sale to keep his or her job, you’ll get the truth. This is done through Independent Insurance broker’s (like us), who DO NOT represent just 1 insurance company. We represent several insurance companies, shopping the insurance marketplace on behalf of our clients.

                                                Call Us Today (716) 684-3203!

   Us Independent broker’s represent YOU not an insurance company. We have no quota’s to meet, no sales manager to satisfy, no company goals to make. Our job is to protect our clients the very best way we can.

Like these satisfied clients:

“I’ve been with Tom for over 12 years. When you want something done, it’s done yesterday! Definitely a seasoned professional with a staff to match!”     Dr. John Zilliox, D.C., Amherst, NY


I would like to say that this insurance agency is like no other! The service is excellent and never had I experienced the comfort and friendliness. I am 100% satisfied with my auto insurance and very soon my home insurance!                                              Hind Habir, Buffalo, NY


“I want to thank you and your staff for the prompt attention and strong customer support you have provided us. I also appreciate the wealth of knowledge and resources you have suggested to us and our investments in the Greater Buffalo Area.”        Dave Proff, Eastside Investors, LLC

Call us today BEFORE something happens to you and you have an Adel story.

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Tom Larsen,

Speaker, Author, Advisor

P.S. – Never heard of us? Check me out on LinkedIn; find us on Facebook (Larsen Insurance Team) or my videos on YouTube (telarsen). It is easy to now find out who you are dealing with because of social media. Check us out, then call 684-3203.

P.P.S. – We help about 72% of the people who call us. The other 28% we say “Stay where you are currently insured” – because that is the right thing to do. We never, ever force a sale, when doing nothing might be the best option. I hope you’ll appreciate our honesty!

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