Why Marketing is Like Working Out.

Why marketing is like working out.

Inconsistent workouts, doing an exercise routine 1x per week, won’t get you the results you are looking for.

Working Out

Daily Exercise is recommended

That is why marketing is much the same thing – you don’t just do it 1 time! Consistent marketing efforts is what you need to produce the results you want.In exercise, they tell you to work your core muscle groups.In marketing, you work your core message.

Why marketing is like working out.

Find your core marketing message and repeat it in several places.

Keep it consistent, whether that be online, in print, in a webpage, on a radio station….keep that message consistent.

Maybe not daily like exercise but certainly weekly. Set aside time to make an appointment with yourself for marketing. I have an insurance collegue who does this 1 day per week. Maybe your schedule doesn’t allow this but certainly 2-3 hours per week is doable!

Get your marketing muscle working, just like your real muscles. Your business will improve because of this!

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