Special Events Insurance in New York

There are special times when you only need insurance for a day or two and that is where special events insurance is needed. From the wedding insurance at a farm to car wash insurance for a fundraiser to a convention, special event insurance can handle the risk involved. Talent shows, telethons, school band competitions, farmers market insurance, flea market insurance….the list of eligible activities is quite long.

Baseball league insurance, cheerleading insurance, golf driving range insurance, indoor rock climbing insurance and batting cage insurance.

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Tom Larsen, Catcher

A couple of the more difficult events to insure are mud runs (Or Ironman style races), anything with fireworks, airshows and auto racing competitions. These can be insured but the number of companies to insure this type of special event is greatly reduced.

Almost all coverage starts at $1,000,000 and also can include the owner of the event location as an additional insured. This way, the additional insured status gives the special event venue liability coverage in case of a lawsuit against the event coordinator. Most times the special event liability coverage is based on expected attendance but also whether or not host alcohol is being provided (whether paid for or cash bar, doesn’t matter).

Special event liability coverage is available for 1- 10 day events. Call us if a quote is needed 716.684.3203