Why Lady Gaga inquired at Larsen Insurance about the Half Time Show.

The Super Bowl half time show was one of the best in most recent history, with Lady Gaga performing at this special event. This spectacular event with the use of the drone’s, the outfits, the singing, the dancers….incredible! The stage presence and her flying through the air, just an awesome show that was produced.

Why Lady Gaga inquired at Larsen Insurance about the Half Time Show.

Special event Performer Lady Gaga


Well shows like this do not go off without special event insurance in place. Too many moving parts, moving people, high props in place for lots and lots of things to go wrong. Not to mention the “flash pots” going off, shooting flames 15-20 feet in the air.

Special event insurance coverage would cover an event like this, in the ugly event of a lawsuit due to negligence or personal injury.

Why Lady Gaga inquired at Larsen Insurance about the Half Time Super Bowl Show.

Special event Show including fireworks


With special event insurance offered by Larsen Insurance, we could have put in place the coverage for this half time show. Of course, Lady Gaga never did actually call our office but we could have handled her request for coverage for the Super Bowl show.

Your special events I know will not be as elaborate as a Super Bowl show but even simple events can be handled by us. A backyard wedding, horse-drawn carriage rides, festivals, antique car shows, weekend flea markets can all be insured by a special event insurance policy.


This was a very unique show and not your typical special event that goes on in our agency. We have insured weddings, a reunion, a booth at an art festival, a food vendor at a food festival, a vendor at a farmers market and a hay ride event. All these special events are the more simple one’s to do and not very expensive to insure.

Concerts for special events

Live Music

If you need a special event to be insured, go to our quote page here.


Tom Larsen

P.S. – We have several insurance companies that can offer this coverage, just remember “anything can be insured”!

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