Why I FIRED 2 Insurance Companies.

   Why I FIRED 2 Insurance Companies.

I recently wrote an article on LinkedIn about why I fired 2 insurance companies

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You see in our relationship with insurance companies, it is all about how they treat you, the consumer. If they misstep on how they treat you or on a claim, us insurance brokers then get low marks or maybe a tarnished reputation. It doesn’t do us (brokers) any good if the client (our insured) gets treated badly It really comes down to relationships – ours to you, ours to the insurance company and yours to the insurance company

So if there is any disruption in this chain of relationships, we need to know about it and fix it. Or move on. Sometimes, moving on is the best choice when things cannot be worked out.

Insurance claims being paid

Insurance Contract

Why I FIRED 2 Insurance Companies.

For insurance brokers, we have 2 duties – 1 to the insurance company and then 1 to our clients. It is the one to our clients we take more seriously, as they can always be moved to another insurance company – the beauty of being an independent insurance broker. Choice.

When 1 party does NOT live up the the standards we have set for ourselves and our clients, it is time to review that situation.

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Remember that the next time you discuss insurance – you do have a choice.

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