Homeowner claims from our winter storm damages!

Homeowner claims from our winter storm damages!

Now that spring has arrived and all the snow from winters wrath has melted, many homeowners and landlords are assessing the damages that have occurred at their property. Some are simple, with gutters and fascia boards coming down due to weight of ice and snow and some more complex, like a shed collapsing.

Still other homeowner insurance claims are more extensive, with the melting water finding it’s way inside the home and damaging drywall, floors and kitchens & baths. Basements also have been a source of water damage, especially those with finished basements and/or expensive theater rooms.

As an insurance broker, we tell our clients to call us 1st and then have a contractor assess the total damage done. We’ve had a client put in a claim for gutters and fascia down, the total loss was $650 and their deductible was $500. Now this claim and any other’s they may have had in the past, will come up to an underwriter if we tried to change insurance companies.

   Homeowner claims from our winter storm damages!

We try to advise clients that this is not a good use of your insurance policy but some want any relief they can get from home damage that was done this winter. Our advice is generally welcomed but the ultimate decision on whether to place a homeowner claim or not, rest with the property owner.

weight of snow

Homeowners Roof

Yesterday, we had 1 homeowner client call that hadn’t heard from the insurance adjuster after 1 week of his inspection. We explained that there are hundreds of claims being processed now and some insurance companies have brought in adjusters to New York from Texas and Arizona. I think he expected a check within 1 week but not after a brutal winter such as this one.

Insurance broker’s like us are there to help you walk through the claims process and not to just tell you to call a 1-800-claim number. That is what good insurance brokers do for their clients – help them when the help is needed most, at a claim time!


Tom Larsen

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