Dogs add liability risks for homeowners.

This article is about how dogs add liability risks for homeowners.

It is said that 68% of people own a dog and many people fail to realize a risk that dog can pose.

Being the owner of a dog that nipped only 1x (Major is 11 year old Aussie) I know 1st hand what even a calm breed can do. Plus, my daughter was the victim of a facial dog bite 14 years ago.

Dog bites are a liability claim for all homeowners.

While many breeds are relatively calm, insurance companies do have a “hot dog” list of breeds they will not insure. Many insurance companies include Bull Mastif’s, Pit Bulls & Chow’s amoungst the breed of dogs they won’t insure. They have more biting history than other dogs, so remain on some insurance companies “hot” lists for homeowners.

And for $15-$25 per year, homeowners can up their liability limit to $500,000 to $1,000,000.

This is inexpensive way to protect homeowners against unwanted guests, the mailman, paper delivery or FedEx person.

Homeowners can also get an umbrella insurance policy to further protect from their dog biting. This is another inexpensive way to add liability protection on to a homeowner policy. Usually for $130-$200 per year for an added $1,000,000 over an above both your car & home insurance.

We have had our share of dog liability claims in our office, so we know how important added liability insurance is.

Dogs do add liability risks for homeowners – especially new puppies.

Consult your insurance broker when adopting a new puppy, it will be well worth your 10 minute conversation.

Oliver, the new puppy sleeping

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