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New Craft Brewery Program Announced.

New Craft Brewery Program Announced.

One of our small, regional insurance companies, recently came out with a craft brewery program for those restaurants that brew their own beer. It has some unique coverage’s, like beer in transit to another restaurant and coverage for the brewer’s equipment.

Over the years in insurance, I have found the smaller, regional insurance companies to be much more adaptable to the needs of small business owners. They will put in an extra coverage or two, that makes it unique to that particular industry.

A brewer's beer

Craft Beer

New Craft Brewery Program Announced.

The other unique thing about this program is that the President of the insurance company that put this together is a Certified Craft Beer Judge!  He’ll go to competitions across the U.S. and judge the beer being made by these breweries. Now you will not get a better insurance underwriter than a craft beer judge.

Since we are already in the restaurant insurance niche this fit in very nicely with the restaurants we already do insure. Now some restaurants won’t qualify, as they import craft beer instead of making their own but we also have other programs for them (as does this insurance company).

New Craft Brewery Program Announced.

It is just that craft beer making is becoming so popular these days, a new craft beer program was needed. We hope to be a leader in this industry, as it keeps growing with the public appetite for new beer flavors.


Tom Larsen

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