Team working together

Building a Gifted Team.

Building a Gifted Team.

Just returned from an awesome insurance conference in San Diego and the conference leader mentioned he just created 2 new Team Leaders to his gifted team. Not department managers, not departments heads – TEAM LEADERS. I think this speaks loudly on how my business or any business should be run.

Catcher Tom Larsen

Teammate Tom Larsen

I happen to still play baseball and what do they call fellow members….teammates! And once you are on a team, don’t you pull harder for each other? It is a mindset (and a good one) to remind everyone in your office that you are on the same team.

Building a Gifted Team.

We don’t need no “Debbie Downer’ or office gossiper or worse, a pot stirrer who likes to get things all stirred up! We all need teammates, who have each others back and who truly care for the end result for the whole team. And once you are on a team, you win together or learn lessons together (no losses, only lessons). So when I see a business give out labels like “Senior VP” or “Director of Operations”, why not Team Leader of Operations?

Some types of businesses (I am thinking Banking here) are so hung up on titles, that they forget about how best to serve the customer. Wouldn’t you want your customer to think that your Teammate can handle her commercial questions or should the Senior VP handle her question? I want my teammate to be helping her.

Building a Gifted Team.

I know in some businesses this will be impossible (see my banking example), as they are stuck in the business model and culture of doing things. But to me, CULTURE is so important to a successful small business, that this one change could cause all the difference in attitude inside your 4 walls.

Landlord Insurance

Team Leader

So seriously consider changing your titles to TEAM Manager or TEAM Director or TEAM Captain or TEAM Co-Captain…whatever works in your business. Be a better teammate yourself and the managing of your team becomes easier.

Building a Gifted Team – priority ONE!

Tom Larsen, Team Leader at Larsen Insurance Agency

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