Homeowner insurance claims.

Homeowner insurance claims. Having just given a talk to wnyrei.com for real estate investors, the homeowner or property claim question came up. I did mention that unlike auto insurance, homeowner claims do not get sur-charged or cause your rates to go up. Either a home insurance company keeps you a...
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Vacation in Punta Cana

Goals in 2017 and Your WHY?

Goals in 2017 and your WHY?   I was at a meeting very recently and heard the speaker say “you can achieve any goal if you attach emotion to it”! My thought was if you have a why then the how becomes easier. He went on to say your subconscious mind does not know the […]...
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Why I FIRED 2 Insurance Companies.

   Why I FIRED 2 Insurance Companies. I recently wrote an article on LinkedIn about why I fired 2 insurance companies You can find the link to that article here: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/why-i-fired-2-insurance-companies-tom-larsen?trk=pulse_spock-articles You see in our relationship with i...
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Team working together

Building a Gifted Team.

Building a Gifted Team. Just returned from an awesome insurance conference in San Diego and the conference leader mentioned he just created 2 new Team Leaders to his gifted team. Not department managers, not departments heads – TEAM LEADERS. I think this speaks loudly on how my business or any...
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Making craft beer

New Craft Brewery Program Announced.

New Craft Brewery Program Announced. One of our small, regional insurance companies, recently came out with a craft brewery program for those restaurants that brew their own beer. It has some unique coverage’s, like beer in transit to another restaurant and coverage for the brewer’s equi...
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Get free pizza

Referral Reward Program

When was the last time you received a Thank You note for anything you purchased? Ours is part of our Referral Reward Program which is a documented and planned out series of touches for new clients and referral sources. We reward those that exhibit the behavior of spreading the word of Larsen Insura...
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why you need to shop your auto insurance

Shop Your Auto Insurance

Why you need to shop your auto insurance today! First, I’ll tell you about one incident that happened this week, then I’ll explain why you need to shop your auto insurance. Long time client referred her sister, who was with a direct writer insurance company (think “on your sideR...
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