A Dog’s Life – Hard to Put One Down!

One of the hardest things I have ever done happened this week, putting my 14 year old dog, Major Mo down. He was a great austrialian shepard , had a wonderful disposition and a terrific companion to me, my wife and my daughter. Since my daughter was 11 years old when we got him, he slept mostly outside her bedroom door, almost like guarding her. When her, her friends and/or cousins would be splashing and playing in our pool, her would run around the pool concrete, almost like “herding” them in!

When my wife was diagnosted with cancer 8+ years old, he laid by her feet all day long, as she went through treatments. I think he sensed she needed some love & protection and was always by her side.

A Dog’s Life – Hard to Put One Down!

On our weekend walks, he never really bothered with other dogs, maybe saying hello but never, ever growl or agitate other dogs. He became so good on our neighborhood path, that I had stopped using his leash and let him walk by my side. He never became unruly, unmanageable or unresponsive to my commands. Dog treats were always his reward for good behavior!

Two of my 3 sisters have put down dogs, my brother has put down dogs, my Dad had a dog also put down, but this was a 1st for me. I didn’t realize how difficult it is to say goodbye to a trusted canine of 14 years. I saw my family go through it but never personally had to go through it. Good thing it is a quick procedure because it sure was hard.

A Dog’s Life – Hard to Put One Down!

My family all rebounded from losing a dog with a new dog but I am done. Major Mo created such great & wonderful memories, that cannot be replaced. Since he was my daughter’s dog and she helped raise him, it would be weird to raise another dog without her.

Dog owner’s, I now have empathy for what you too went through by putting your own “fido” down. Certainly a very, very hard thing to do. I now know. Didn’t like it but I now know.

Tom Larsen

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