7 Reason’s to Own a Personal Umbrella Policy!

(Sometimes called Excess Liability Policy)

You have young, new drivers in the household. Young, inexperienced drivers cause the most                      accidents in the road, some very serious too. These drivers leave parents responsible for their actions and maybe the actions of their passengers too.

You volunteer or sit on some board of directors. People sometimes are upset with decisions made by certain board of directors and sometimes this leads to individual lawsuits.

You own some “Toys”. Motorcycles are fun to ride but accidents on a motorcycle are usually serious in nature. Some other fun “toys” are boats & jetski’s, snowmobiles and 4-wheelers. If you own any of these, an umbrella policy is highly recommended.

You are a “Soccer mom” (or Dad). Who says NO when little Julie as you to drive her and her 4 friends to practice. You are now responsible for anything that happens when they are in your car on the way to practice.

You like to entertain & host dinner parties. You & I know that all of these gatherings involve alcohol and now you as the host, could be held responsible for them driving home.

You use your car a lot in your profession (like sales). The more mileage you put on the vehicle, the more likely you are to have an accident. Most of these are minor in nature, as you become a better driver over time. But distracted driving is happening more & more today.

You own some real estate other than your own home. Vacant land that others may hunt on or rental property where the tenants can sue you for liable, slander, wrongful eviction. This is another good reason to own a personal umbrella policy.

7 Reasons to Own a Personal Umbrella Policy